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Sunday, 14 October 2012


                 I dont want to talk to much...

see the picture you will understand the moral of story.

Sunday, 7 October 2012


Don't be saddened by what you see
By all the lies and treachery
Life is cruel but don't worry
In your heart lies the key
To unwind all the secrets
Of this life we see

When you feel you've lost it all
When you don't know who's your friend or foe
You wonder why you're so alone
Don't be saddened by what you see
I know life can be crazy
A showcase of hypocrisy
In the form of piety
It's just one big mystery
For you and me

I found my peace deep within
Calling inside
Follow what you feel is right
So trust your heart go ahead
Don't lose sight
Follow that voice deep inside

If you're weak it's not a crime
Don't you know it's blessing in disguise
To know who's honest and who spread lies
Worry ends when faith begins

Don't be sad by what you see
It's true life has it's miseries
But one thing's always worked for me
Worry ends when faith begins

Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik

As Salaam Aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. 
(May Allah's Peace, Mercy and Blessings be upon all of you)

Every year, millions of Muslims from around the world make the journey to Makkah, Saudi Arabia, for the annual pilgrimage (or Hajj). Dressed in the same simple white clothing to represent human equality, the pilgrims gather to perform rites dating back to the time of Ibrahim a.s
Hajj is considered one of the five "pillars" of Islam. Muslims are required to make the pilgrimage once in a lifetime, if they are physically and financially able to make the journey to Mecca
Tonight the first time i'm listening to this version of Labbaikallah by opick.
Heart cries while hearing this video
This song make everybody have an intention to do Hajj.
  I want to go to the House of Allaah, to perform the obligatory duty of Hajj, 

 InshaaAllah he will give me the chance to visit his house. This is my hope in life, and I hope that Allaah will not deprive me of that hope.

 haji song by opick .
Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik

"Labbayk, Allahumma Labbayk. Labbayk. La shareeka laka. Labbayk. Innal-hamda wan-n'imatalaka wal-mulk. La shareeka lak."

" Here we come,O Allah, here we come !Here we come. No partner have You. Here we come!Praise indeed, and blessings, are Yours---the Kingdom too!
No partner have You! "
Ya allah please forgive my sins.Allah hu akbar

Thursday, 4 October 2012



Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself
I not events have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
But I can choose which it shall be.
Yesterday is dead,
Tomorrow hasn't arrived  yet.
I have just one day, today and
I'm going to be happy in it.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Love With what i Have Done

02.20 a.m

Another meaningless blog post folks (And yes it's 2 in the morning, I can't sleep again, woohoo)

 Well I got sweet sod all done today, wonderful...Been hardworking and too much effort the past couple of days, what else is new Ell Amour?
Anyway, I'm doing the small business..seem liked ok..everything happen really unexpected..
I juz try  create something fresh to get more side income.
success is your choice
Let us never stop dreaming and planning
Live Beautifully,
Dream Passionately,
and Love Completely ...
Old people said: "nothing great ever came that easy"
Coz I really believe if you work really hard and you're kind
 amazing thing will happen
Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive!  

what my favourite song instantly make me happy

01.50 am

Tonight i think i want to sharing with you guys all my most favourite song .
 And for some reason anytime I hear music with this type of flow I'm instantly happy. 
When im down this song always cheers me up :)
Say Yes:)) love this voice... nothing makes me feel happy than dance ohhhhh yeahhhhh love it.

happy people by R.Kelly

i feel goooodddd

mellow song
dance in babylond

 I hope you will enjoy with some of my favourite song..
 Let me just finish up by saying this:
If you don't like something for whatever reason, you are not wrong, it's perfectly alright to not like something.
If you like something for whatever reason, you are not wrong either.
But there are a lot of people on this planet. Not everyone thinks the same way you do, different people like different things. Taste is subjective. Everything you like isn't 100% gold and everything you hate isn't 100% shit, a lot of it is probably seen as quite good or bad to others. Don't confuse your personal taste with quality.

Cheers folks. Stay tuned for more rants! 
(End of edit, well I can read this post without getting confused, so that's an improvement on the first try.)hehe ell always like that.. yeye eyehh!!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Diversity is Awesome

I admit that some people don't like me for who I am
for my attitude, my expressions...
my style..
i'm just showing the 
and I don't have to pretend just to flatter somebody. 
whatever we say, whatever we do,
people will always find something to say.
coz i know life is too short to stress myself 
with people who don't ever deserve to be an issue in my life
so i juz do my part
and share our similarities
celebrate our diffrences

owhhh so tired i want to sleep now..
i see the night sky gleamed with stars
Goodnight my wonderful  followers!   I love you all! 

ELLOVA not PavLOva ... nyum nyum sure ellicious

so everybody in my family loved it so much
sebab saya dah pandai buat
so saya rase tak salah kalau ada orang yang berminat, teringin atau mengidam
 saya boleh ambil tempahan
so saper yang nak tempah boleh inbox kat facebook saya 
kalu nak p.m kat sini pun boleh.
atau roger2 ajer..dan whatsapp pun boleh

tercipta lah sebuah blog..

16.23 pm
hari ini tercipta lah sebuah blog yang telah lama ku impi kan ..selama ni aku duk view blog orang...pasni i dah ade blog sendiri..jgn mareee. heheh : )
i dream my blog will full colour of orange..to mention you all guys ..orange is one of my favourite colour..so in this blog i will share everything i feel, i have done, what in my mind, my observation of sorrounding.. bab orang tua cakaplah ...sebuah cita -cita dan mimpi tu biarlah sampai ke bintang..tak dapet petik bintang dapat capai langit pun kire kejayaan besar dalam hidup aku..macam lagu ni yang selalu wat aku bermotivasi

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